What Do You Do When You No Longer Want the Tattoo You Have?

All you have to do is take a good look around at people and you will realize that having tattoos done has never been more popular. Both men and women of all ages are having them done with increasing frequency. Many that do this are happy with what they had done, while others may regret their choice or simply have a different frame of mind some years later. Others have made the mistake of having the name of someone tattooed on their body, only to find themselves no longer associated with that person later.

So, what do you do when you no longer feel the same way about the tattoo or tattoos you have? The good news is that you can have them removed and the results are usually very good. While there are products marketed for trying to remove your tattoo yourself at home, these are not always very successful. Some will simply fade your tattoo, or remove only some of the color. This can leave you with a partial tattoo or a partially faded one that doesn’t look good.


The problem is that the different colors used in tattoos aren’t all the same when it comes to removing them. Black is the easiest of all. A small, simple black tattoo may come off with other treatments, but bright colors or large tattoos are going to take more effort. What does work for tattoo removal is the use of a laser. The exact type and strength will depend on each person, and their tattoo. Some tattoos will be removed with just one or two sessions of laser tattoo removal, while other, more elaborate tattoos with other colors may require as many as ten sessions.

The laser works by breaking up the colors in your tattoo until they disappear. This is why each person’s treatment will be different, since tattoos come in such a large variety. The procedure is safe and less uncomfortable than getting the tattoo. They will apply some cream to the area to help with healing and you will need to use sunblock on the area. When finished, you will be left with no evidence of the tattoo and no scarring. Just a fresh start for your future.

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